Pizza with a Register Nurse Event @ Bloomington
When: Thursday, October 17, 2019   5:00 PM - 6:30 PM


Come join The Olive Branch during our first day launching Pizza With a "career choice". Our first guest will be a registered nurse who works in the operating room. This RN has had a lot of experience as a nurse manager as well as a charged nurse. Find out what her role is in the operating room. Ask her how much a RN makes a year. Learn what postives and negatives there are working as an RN. Come bring your own questions. We can't wait! REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

Pizza with a "career choice" was created by a mother who has homeschooled her three children for almost a decade. She has worked with special needs children for four years, is raising her son on the Autism Spectrum to defy the limit, runs an educational company for families who homeschool, mentors parents and is part of the children's and marketing department at The Olive Branch. She loves to see kids explore and discover new things. She enjoys watching children grow to their next level. Bloomington is a low income city, but we wanted quality programs for the families in our city, even though the funds were not provided. So we created this program in hopes that your children will be inspired to take their next move in life, whatever that may be. We hope our families will be encouraged to know that there still are people looking out for your kids. :)


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Facebook page: theolivebranchbloomington
Phone: (909) 572-4348
When: October 17, 2019
Time: 5pm-6:30pm
Location: 18401 Jurupa Avenue 
Bloomington, Ca 92316


The Olive Branch Development and Empowerment Services Inc. (Bloomington Community Center)

18401 Jurupa Avenue

Bloomington, CA 92316

Price: Free