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Josie's Biography

Josie Gonzales

San Bernardino County has been home to Josie Gonzales her entire life. She lived in Colton for 20 years; then she spent the next 23 years of her life in the Del Rosa area, an unicorporated pocket of San Bernardino. In 1995 she moved to Fontana.

Throughout her childhood, her father stressed the importance of education to his only child and encouraged her to excel academically. Her mother, on the other hand, stressed more traditional skills such as cooking and sewing. Giving respect to both parents, she learned her mother's lessons by day and studied her school lessons at night.

Her parents were a humble, enterprising team. In 1962 they opened a small restaurant in Fontana called “Mexico Lindo.” These strong values of dedication, hard work and perseverance her mother and father instilled in her through their words and actions continue to influence her professional and personal decisions. As the daughter of a World War II veteran, Supervisor Gonzales developed a strong sense of service to the community and appreciation for the country that offered her parents the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and homeowners.

Prior to being elected 5th District Supervisor, she spent seven years in public service with the City of Fontana, the last six of those as a City of Fontana Councilmember. As the Chair for the Fontana Redevelopment Agency and the Chair for the Fontana Downtown Revitalization Task Force, she focused on providing safe, affordable housing for seniors, local access to higher education opportunities, beautification of open space areas, and funding for the City's new library.

While serving as a Councilmember, Supervisor Gonzales worked with downtown business owners and members of the community to clean up storefronts and find ways to generate new customers. She worked with Chaffey College to establish the Chaffey College Fontana Center to better serve Fontana area residents.

Supervisor Gonzales is the first Latina elected to serve as a San Bernardino County Supervisor. She is also the second woman to serve as Supervisor for the Fifth District.

As a public servant she strives to promote great community pride through cooperative efforts and to build relationships on local, state and federal levels. Her "People First" philosophy is founded on bringing non-partisan resources together for the greater good of the communities she serves. She strongly believes that when we work together with the concerns and needs of the people as our priority, we can accomplish great things.

As a County representative on various boards, committees and commissions, Supervisor Gonzales works hard to find the common threads among services and programs that will help achieve a healthier, enriched quality of life for her constituents.

While attending to present community needs, Supervisor Gonzales also focuses on building a solid foundation that will support future growth in the county. She continually strives to achieve and maintain a balance between the demands for residential, commercial and industrial development, green space and healthy communities. As a proponent of redevelopment, Supervisor Gonzales believes it must be done to revitalize and preserve the rich history and heritage that makes San Bernardino County so unique.

Her overall goal as the 5th District Supervisor is to improve residents' quality of life by helping to create more local jobs, provide clean drinking water, improve air quality, and develop smart growth communities that offer safe neighborhoods where residents can live, work, and play. Producing healthy communities today, Supervisor Gonzales believes, will enable our children to be healthier adults tomorrow.

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