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January 8, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year I would like to wish all the residents of the Fourth District a Happy and Prosperous New Year. New Years is a time to reflect upon the events of the past year, but mostly it is a time to look forward. Events of 2015 have changed the County permanently. The terrorist attack of December 2 and the victims of that fateful day will never be forgotten. Mayor Giuliani mentioned in his speech on January 4 that you have to stay strong and balance out the evil that has happened with good events. As we heal and look to the future, upcoming positive events will help in the process of healing. Everyone has personal goals and resolutions that they set for themselves as the new year begins, I want to tell you about a few goals and resolutions I have for San Bernardino County and the Fourth District.

In addition to doing what I can to constantly improve San Bernardino County, there are three major projects about which I would like to update you. The Ontario Airport transition to local control is ongoing. As a member of the board, I am pleased that we are almost finished conducting interviews for the new Executive Director. I am also excited that the legal settlement document has been fully executed by all parties and the FAA application process has begun. In light of these developments, the projected transfer date of July 1 is expected to be met.

Ontario International Airport, Prado Regional Park, and cell tower Prado Park is the second ongoing project where I am actively working on bringing good changes this year. I am in the process of working on a master plan to find the best uses for this hidden jewel in the inland empire. The County is working with the Army Corps of Engineers to ensure that the park continues to be a great place for families, nature lovers, dog enthusiasts, fishermen, and residents to enjoy for years to come.

The third project that I am actively engaged in is working out the best way to implement a federal emergency communications network plan called FirstNet. This is a project that will consolidate the emergency network used by first responder personnel throughout the country and allow for interoperability of public safety communications systems. This is a large project with a number of government entities at Federal, State and local levels involved in its implementation locally. FirstNet will enable our systems to work together and create a more reliable network for public safety officers to use in emergencies. By having a system that can operate reliably, we will improve the ability of the County to respond to emergency situations.

As members of our wonderful county, I implore you to set goals to better yourselves and improve your relationships with your fellow citizens. As your Supervisor, I continue to strive to make San Bernardino County a better place for everyone to live, work and play.


San Bernardino County Holds Memorial Service for Terrorist Attack Victims and County Family Members

On Monday, January 4, 2016, San Bernardino County government held a “County Family Gathering” as a way to remember the victims of the December 2 terrorist attack. The event was held at Citizens Business Bank Arena, and was attended by roughly 4,000 county employees, first responders, elected officials and family members of the victims. Governor Jerry Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris also were in attendance to support San Bernardino County.

Each of the five County Supervisors spoke during the emotional program to offer words of encouragement. Board Chairman James Ramos welcomed the audience and recognized Governor Jerry Brown, advising employees this event was to remember the victims and thank the first responders as the County family heals. Supervisor Josie Gonzalez followed his introduction with her own tribute, and then led the gathering in a heartfelt poem titled “We Remember Them”.

The two featured speakers included Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in Orange County. Board Vice-Chairman Robert Lovingood introduced Pastor Warren who spoke about grief and the grieving process. He stated that the grieving process will take time. When something like this happens, “You don’t get over it, you get through it,” he said. The only appropriate response for grief is, “I am sorry for your family’s loss,” he advised. Pastor Warren explained to those trying to cope with what happened to reject bitterness because, “…bitterness will not change what happened”. Pastor Warren explained that he knew personally how hard this process is because he and his wife are still grappling with the suicide of their youngest son two years ago.

Supervisor Hagman then introduced Mayor Giuliani stating that San Bernardino County leaders, "could think of no one better" than Giuliani to address employees as he was the Mayor of New York City when the attacks of 9/11 happened. Mayor Giuliani’s presence and tough approach to terrorism seemed especially
Mayor Giuliani
appropriate for addressing the victims of the largest terrorist attack in the United States since that fateful day. “Let this become a turning point for San Bernardino, the terrorists tried to destroy it, but we show them we're stronger than the terrorists. You have the whole country behind you,” he said. He explained how the 9/11 attack devastated New York City and its economy for months, but New York came roaring back as Americans across the country demonstrated their support by investing there and buying local products. The Mayor concluded his speech by telling the County family and the rest of the country, “I want people to come to San Bernardino now and spend money. Tell the terrorists, screw you.”

Supervisor Janice Rutherford concluded the program on an inspirational note, telling employees, “We have to be careful not to spread sorrow. Find the good things (in life) and spread good cheer". She commended county workers for their courage and bravery stating, “In the worst moments, the best of our characters come out”. The ceremony also included two musical numbers performed by the African American Employees Association Choir.

African American Employees Association Choir

SB County Works for You: The Department of Agriculture / Weights and Measures

Department of Agriculture / Weights and Measures The Department of Agriculture / Weights & Measures protects agriculture, businesses and consumers in our County through the fair and equitable application of laws and regulations. These programs are designed to protect and promote the health and welfare of the general public. Their goal is to provide prompt, responsive services to all residents of the County.

In 1881, San Bernardino County became one of the first counties in California to create a Horticultural Commission, which later became the Department of Agriculture. The Department of Weights and Measures originated in 1915 and established regular testing of commercial scales and measuring devices. The Departments combined in 1993 to improve service and efficiency and today are better able to serve the growing needs of the residents in the County.

The Department is divided into three divisions, they are: the Consumer Protection Division, the Pest Prevention Division, and the Environmental Protection & Support Division.

Treetrap The Consumer Protection Division conducts weights and measures inspections to protect buyers and sellers by ensuring that commercial weighing and measuring devices are accurate and prices for items are correctly charged. Many different types of devices are inspected, including scales, gasoline pumps, taximeters, and gas / electric / water utility sub-meters. Their seal on these devices shows that they were accurate when tested. Packaged items are also checked to make sure they contain the correct weight or quantity. This division also inspects fruits, vegetables and eggs for quality standards. The inspections are conducted at local produce outlets, egg packing companies and Certified Farmer’s Markets.

The Pest Prevention Division has two programs with similar goals. The Pest Exclusion and Pest Detection programs stop the introduction of unwanted insect and plant pests and c ontinuously monitor areas of the county to find pests that may have slipped through. The division employs canines to detect smuggled or undeclared goods. In addition, thousands of insect traps are placed in the valley areas of the county considered most at risk.

Using dog for pest detection The Environmental Protection and Support Division is comprised of two main programs, Pesticide Use Enforcement and Invasive Weed Eradication. The Pesticide Use Enforcement program protects pest control company employees, agricultural field workers, landscape gardeners, the public and the environment from improper pesticide use. In addition, the division is also responsible for regulating commercial bee hives, or apiaries, in county areas.

Agriculture production within the Fourth District accounts for well more than half of all agriculture within San Bernardino County. The main office for the Department of Agriculture / Weights & Measures is in San Bernardino, there are field offices in Ontario and Hesperia. For more information about the Department or services it provides call (909) 387-2105 or visit its website:

Supervisor Hagman Taking Applications for Appointment to the Senior Affairs Commission

Seniors Supervisor Hagman is taking applications to appoint two members to the San Bernardino County Senior Affairs Commission (SAC). Each Supervisor appoints two members to the Commission, which is composed of between 16 and 30 residents of San Bernardino County. The term of office is coterminous with that of the appointing Supervisor – in this case November 30, 2018. Commissioners serve without monetary compensation.

The SAC, mandated as an integral part of the Area Agency on Aging, advises and provides information to the County of San Bernardino Board of Supervisors and the Department of Aging and Adult Services. There are five standing committees within SAC: (1) Executive, (2) Access, (3) Intergenerational, (4) Legislative, and (5) Nutrition. Some of the duties of Commissioners include: (a) Serve as adviser to the Area Agency on Aging, (b) Act as an independent advocate for older persons, taking positions on matters pertaining to federal, state and local policies, programs and procedures, and any legislation affecting older persons, (c) Actively seek advice from community councils on aging, senior advocacy organizations, local aging commissions, elected officials, and the general public for the purpose of advocating for and making formal presentations on issues of concern to older persons, (d) Inform local senior advocates and organizations on specific legislation pending before local, state and federal governments, and (e) Disseminate information of interest and concern to older persons. The qualifications for the Commission are that Members must be adult residents of San Bernardino County.

Anyone with questions may visit the County’s website at: If you wish to be considered for appointment to the committee, contact Supervisor Hagman’s District Office at (909) 465-5265 or download an application online from the Clerk of the Board at:

El Niño Impacts the Fourth District

Heavy rains have begun falling on San Bernardino County as a consequence of the expected record El Niño storm system forecast for this winter season. Supervisor Hagman is pleased to announce a new information tab and video series on El Nino to be introduced towards the end of January. In this series, he will be highlighting County efforts to proactively prepare for this El Nino season. The Supervisor has been conducting interviews with County Fire, Sheriff, and Public Works personnel asking what steps they have taken to protect citizens and property in San Bernardino County. You will be able to hear these leaders report to you in their own words.

A list of available resources will be available on Supervisor Hagman’s website ( as well as Twitter (@curthagman) and Facebook (Supervisor Curt Hagman). A separate tab on his website page will provide additional information listing ways for citizens to get involved with community programs that respond to public emergencies. The website will also have an updated resources map with the locations of emergency shelters, sandbag pickup locations, food banks and other resources as they are made available for residents to access.

As an Eagle Scout, Supervisor Hagman has lived by the Scout Motto “Be Prepared” since childhood. He urges all Fourth District residents to use these resources now to prepare themselves for what could be major impacts from record rainfall.



Supervisor Hagman in the Fourth District

February is American Heart Month Supervisor Hagman's Health Fair: Helping Cure Heart Disease
Supervisor Hagman is committed to helping cure heart disease in San Bernardino County. His Fourth District Office will be hosting a health fair to provide resources showing how to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep your heart fit and strong. Stay tuned to #HAGMAN for details about the event and please check Supervisor Hagman’s website for specific dates and times. An invitation will also be emailed to local residents with details about the events. If you would like to receive information about the Health Fair, please sign up for email updates through Supervisor Hagman’s website:

Fourth District to Receive Enhanced Police Protection
The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department will be increasing its presence in the Fourth District, concentrating on the unincorporated area north of Chino, also known as the Mission Corridor. Six deputies and one detective will relocate into the Chino Hills police station from the Fontana station before the end of January. The City of Chino Hills will contribute management and support staff towards the additional officers; in return the City will receive a credit towards its law enforcement contract with the Sheriff and the benefit of more police officers to protect Fourth District residents.

Moving the officers from Fontana to Chino Hills will greatly decrease the response time for unincorporated areas within the Fourth District and increase their overall presence because travel times will be so much shorter. Being stationed locally will allow those personnel to quickly deploy to the area if any emergency situation should arise. The new agreement allows these deputies to be dedicated to the Mission Corridor, so they will not be responding to other calls within the county except in extreme emergency situations.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department presence for the unincorporated areas of the west end of San Bernardino County used to be based out of Chino Hills, and then they were moved to Fontana. Supervisor Hagman was instrumental in bringing them back to the area stating, “This is a win-win situation for residents of the western part of the county and the Fourth District. It only makes sense that these personnel operate out of the Chino Hills station.” The contract with Chino Hills remains in place but this change increases the presence of sheriff’s in Chino Hills as they travel to the other areas of service.

Adopt-A-Pet Update
Toby The Adopt-A-Pet program is still going strong. Supervisor Hagman decided to focus all of his attention last month on helping the County family recover from the December 2nd terrorist attack.

Toby, the Welsh Corgy featured in our last edition, is still available for adoption from Priceless Pets. Toulouse, the kitten featured in November has been adopted by a local family with two young, energetic children and it seems to be a perfect match. Updates will be available on the Supervisor’s website and in next month’s #HAGMAN newsletter.