Rodents Can Cause Major Damage to Car Wires

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Watchdog group Consumer Reports is warning the public about rodent-inflicted damage on car wires — especially cars that have been parked for extended periods during the pandemic.

Some people believe that the move to greener and tastier soy-based wire insulation (rather than petroleum-based coverings) is to blame for the increase in rodent wire chewing, and several class-action lawsuits against automakers have been filed in recent years.

“While advances in car construction can be beneficial to the environment, there may also be unforeseen consequences — such as making your car more appetizing to rodents,” said AAA Manager of Public and Government Affairs, Tracy Noble, in a news release.

Rodent wire chewing can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle. To make matters worse, the damage usually isn't covered under warranty, and only some insurance companies cover the expenses — after the deductible.

To minimize the risk, Consumer Reports advises drivers to park in sealed garages, away from trash cans and nesting materials. The group also recommends moving your car regularly, honking the horn on occasion, or spraying peppermint oil and cayenne pepper under the vehicle's hood. Rodent-deterrent electrical tape made with capsaicin chilies, is also recommended.