Board of Supervisors adopts Countywide Plan

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After five years of analysis and public engagement, on Oct. 27 the Board of Supervisors adopted the Countywide Plan—a finalized set of plans and tools that go well beyond a traditional general plan for its unincorporated communities that complements and informs the Countywide Vision. The Policy Plan component takes into account all services—not just land-use planning—provided by County Government, while the Community Action Guides are community-driven living documents used to communicate the unique values and priorities of each unincorporated community. The Business Plan component will serve as a guide for County decision-making, financial planning, and communications.

Additionally, the County has formalized its commitment to go further than any county or city has ever gone by creating a web-based version of the Countywide Plan with interactive and dynamic maps and content that can be searched and filtered across all of its components. A new beta version of the Countywide Plan website will be posted soon. The plan is accessible at