End state-sanctioned constraints on our children

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A message from Supervisor Lovingood: End state-sanctioned constraints on our children

There are about 6.1 million school-age children in California. And to date, only two children under age 18 have died from COVID, according to the California Department of Public Health. That works out to less than a one-in-3 million chance that a California child who contracts COVID will die from the virus.

   With such mind-blowingly small odds, California’s governing class has determined a one-in-3 million chance is too risky for students to return to school, despite the known damage school closures cause to our children. This is beyond rationality and is unscientific. This is nothing less than state-sanctioned constraints on our children under the guise of precaution.  

   As every parent knows, the lockdown is profoundly harming students – both in terms of their educational progress and their mental state. Cases of suicide and thoughts of suicide among youth are spiking. CDC Director Robert Redfield said, “…having the schools actually closed is a greater public health threat to the children than having the schools reopen.”

   The fact is, the mental and emotional toll on our students in California from lack of in-person instruction is a far greater crisis these young people will face than the chance of dying from COVID. 

   What has been learned of COVID so far is that transmission of the virus from children to adults is infrequent. With known safety measures and necessary precautions in place, as well as a commitment to exercise individual responsibility of cleanliness, we can protect students, teachers and staff. Continued campus closures aren’t about helping our children. Our children need equitable access to education. Our families need to be able to return to work and thrive. Safe and timely reopening is a matter of survival – physically, mentally, and emotionally.