There is always time for kindness

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It takes thick skin and a big heart to be in law enforcement, especially during the current climate of chaos. From domestic violence to car crashes and violent crimes, Deputy Sheriffs see people on the worst days of their lives. Yet, day after day, they put their safety at risk and serve as that “thin blue line” between order and anarchy in our communities. In their private lives, Deputy Sheriffs dig into their own pockets to buy Christmas gifts for struggling families, pitch in to make home repairs for seniors, give encouragement to sick children or resources to homeless people. There is always time for kindness.

It’s always a pleasure to talk with the great people of the Sheriff’s Department – from Sheriff McMahon and his leadership team, to the patrol Deputies, dispatchers, civilian staff and volunteers. During my nearly eight years as First District Supervisor, I have been proud to stand with law enforcement. So a few weeks ago, I visited the Hesperia Sheriff’s station during morning briefing to offer a few words of encouragement to the patrol Deputies. This week, I continued, by visiting the Victorville and Apple Valley Sheriff’s stations to underscore the fact that our communities support law enforcement.

Reflecting back, I remember a time after I was first elected when I visited the Capitol in Washington, D.C to attend meetings. The public elevator quickly filled up, with several of us left behind, waiting for the next elevator. Then a man invited us to step into the elevator reserved for members of Congress. That man was Congressman John Lewis (D-Ga.), the civil rights leader who went on to serve 17 terms in Congress, until he passed away last Friday. Congressman Lewis could have surmised that he and I are not of the same political party. But that didn’t matter. He graciously invited me to join him in the exclusive elevator that even congressional staffers are not allowed in. So as the nation says farewell to Congressman Lewis, I will remember there is always a right to a different opinion. And there is always time for kindness.