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This office is committed to serving our customers by processing, safeguarding, and providing information regarding the finances and public records of the County. We perform these functions with integrity, independent judgment, and outstanding service. We are accurate, timely, courteous, innovative, and efficient because of our well-trained and accountable staff. The Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and the Popular Annual Financial Reports published by this office have consistently received the Government Finance Officers Association awards for excellence.

We are committed to:

Our Taxpayers: spending taxpayer dollars wisely. To this end, we are dedicated to providing our services in a cost effective, efficient manner by taking advantage of innovation and new technology. We will promote sound financial management throughout County government and will perform budgetary control as required by law.

Our Customers: providing a high level of quality services to our customers. We will be sensitive and responsive to our customers’ needs and expectations. We will be accurate, thorough and timely in the performance of our duties and will treat our customers in a professional manner with courtesy and respect.

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