Tax Collector

Please see below for division specific information.

Responsible for providing outstanding customer service in the collection of secured and unsecured property taxes pursuant to the California Revenue and Taxation Code; provide information and assistance to individual taxpayers, business owners, and mortgage companies on the telephone and at the counter; initiate payment plans; administer the collection of Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT); process seizure payments on unsecured property; issue mobile home Tax Clearance certificates; and manage bankruptcy matters as they relate to property tax payments.

Responsible for ensuring the integrity of the automated tax roll online ledger for secured and unsecured taxes and fees; responsible for reconciling the mailing of secured and unsecured tax bills; manages the daily balancing of cash, check, and electronic deposits; processes all mail remittance for the Tax Collection and Central Collection Divisions and ensures payments are posted timely and accurately to individual accounts; audit problem payments and identify necessary actions; process returned checks; review and issue refund warrants for over payments and duplicate payments; manage deposits for various County departments; balance and electronically send deposits to the County’s banking institution; reconcile trust funds; provide satellite cashier payment center during installment for the convenience of High Desert taxpayers.

Responsible for preparing and satisfying all legal requirements necessary to conduct the sale of tax-defaulted property pursuant to California Revenue and Taxation Code, including preparation of legal publications and providing notification to parties of interest; responsible for administration and oversight of the online auction process; assists taxing agencies and non-profit organizations in the purchase of tax-defaulted property for public benefit; reviews and processes all claims for excess proceeds resulting from the sale of tax-defaulted property.